Fixer Properties for Sale in Torrance CA

Find the best deals on fixer properties for sale in Torrance CA with help from Allden Investments

Not all real estate brokers are excited about fixer properties, perhaps because these transactions can be challenging and come with lower commissions. This isn’t true of Allen Scarpetti of Allden Investments. Because he cares more about your investment success than his bottom line, he can and will provide superior service to buyers looking for fixer properties. Whether you plan to flip fixer properties for sale in Torrance CA or hold them as rental properties, Allen can help you find what you’re looking for. He has ample local market knowledge based on nearly 40 year of real estate experience. For example he can help with:

  • Fixer Apartment for Sale in Torrance CA
  • Condos
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Offices
  • Retail

Get the Best Price on Fixer Properties for Sale in Torrance CA

While overpaying for any kind of investment property is never desirable, overpaying for a fixer property can be particularly problematic, especially if you have also underestimated the amount of repairs and renovation that must be done on the property. Fortunately, Allen can help guide you away from such pitfalls and make sure you pay a fair price for your investment. Here’s how:

  • Allen Excels at Property Analysis: Obviously, fixer properties for sale in Torrance CA will be priced well below comparable properties that are in good condition. However, they are not always priced low enough. Allen can help you get a better idea of the true worth of a property–and its potential for appreciation if repaired and renovated–by providing in-depth property analysis based on his detailed knowledge of the local market.
  • Allen Knows the Best Service Providers: Allen can help you connect with the professionals that will help you understand the current condition of any fixer properties for sale in Torrance CA you may be interested in. For instance, he can refer you to a general contractor to price cosmetic renovations or to a licensed electrician to assess the need for and cost of electrical upgrades.
  • Allen is a Skilled Negotiator: Putting in offers for fixer properties for sale in Torrance CA can be a nerve-wracking experience. After all, you’ve invested a lot of time and energy in researching the properties, and now you want the deal to go in your favor. With Allen on your side, you stand a better chance of a smooth negotiation process. Allen is a designated Master Certified Negotiation Expert capable of representing your interests to the highest professional standard in the business.
  • Allen is an Independent Broker Owner: As an independent broker owner, Allen can potentially save you thousands of dollars in fees and commissions compared to an agent from a big name real estate franchise. Allen has the freedom to adjust his fees when necessary to help you keep your total costs within your budget for fixer properties for sale in Torrance CA.

Looking for a Fixer Apartment for Sale in Torrance CA?

For fixer properties that will become part of your rental income property portfolio, you must calculate the cap rate on your investment. This can be tricky in the case of a fixer apartment for sale in Torrance CA, since the amount of rent you can charge after renovations will depend in part on the quality of those renovations. Allen can help you determine what rents are appropriate and reasonable given the local market, run the calculations for you, and provide handy comparison sheets to help you make your decision.

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