Residential Income Property in Santa Monica CA

Let Allden Investments help you find your next residential income property in Santa Monica CA

Investing in property is a smart move, considering that in most areas, property values will increase with time to match or beat inflation. Residential income property in Santa Monica CA can be an especially lucrative type of property investment since it will provide monthly income as well as long-term equity gains.

Let Allen Find Your Perfect Property

When it comes to purchasing residential income property in Santa Monica CA, it is always in your best interests to work with a Realtor® like Allen Scarpetti, owner and founder of Allden Investments. Allen has spent nearly 40 years of his career focusing on southern California real estate, which means he has considerable insight and understanding regarding what’s going on in our local markets. After assessing your financials and discussing your preferences regarding different types of properties, Allen will be able to help tailor your search so you only spend time looking at properties that meet your investment goals.

Options for Residential Income Property in Santa Monica CA

Residential income property in Santa Monica CA comes in a variety of forms. Fortunately, Allen can help you with any of them:

  • Single-family rental homes: In general, you can charge more rent for a detached home than for an apartment or condo. However, each home also has its own separate maintenance costs with little opportunity to share costs across multiple doors.
  • Multi-family properties: Multi-family properties obviously bring in more rental income than a single-family property, and typically they do not cost that much more. This type of residential income property in Santa Monica CA can range from two to four doors on a single property or sometimes in a single building.
  • Apartment complexes: If you’re looking to make a large investment, an apartment complex may be what you’re looking for. You can rely on Allen to go over your financials carefully to make sure you only consider property you can afford.

Never Miss an Opportunity with Allen on Your Side

The market for residential income property in Santa Monica CA can move fast. If your broker is not always on their toes, you could miss out on important opportunities. You can trust Allen to be extremely proactive in finding opportunities for you and always quick to respond to your needs. In fact, he frequently calls on off market properties to make sure his clients get the first chance to put in a contract. As a designated Master Certified Negotiation Expert, Allen knows all the best strategies to use to help you close the most advantageous deal possible. Because Allen is an independent broker owner, he has flexibility in his fees and commissions, and he can potentially save you thousands of dollars over the big franchise brokers.

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If you have questions about buying or selling rental properties, Allen is here to help you find answers. call 310-791-6316 during business hours to reach Allen or submit a contact request online and he’ll get back to you as soon as possible.