Santa Monica CA

By the early 20th century, Santa Monica CA had become a famous beach resort city, and it has remained a popular destination ever since. The city boasts 3 miles of waterfront, the iconic Santa Monica Pier, and plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beach. In addition, Santa Monica CA also has many other attractions including the pedestrian-only Third Street Promenade, the scenic Palisades Park, and the Santa Monica Stairs. The city also has a bustling downtown that is the product of a successful revitalization effort in the late 1980s. If you are looking to buy or sell investment property in Santa Monica CA, Allen Scarpetti of Allden Investments can help. Allen is an experienced Realtor® with the detailed local market knowledge required to help sellers market their homes effectively and to help buyers find the best properties for their specific needs. Allen handles everything from single family rental homes to apartment buildings to commercial investment properties. You can trust him to have you smiling and closing escrow in no time.