Apartment Buildings for Sale in Lawndale CA

Find the best apartment buildings for sale in Lawndale CA with expert guidance from Allden Investments.

Investing in property is a big step, especially if you are looking for apartment buildings for sale in Lawndale CA. Naturally, you don’t want just any real estate agent representing you. You need a Realtor® on your side. Allen Scarpetti of Allden Investments makes an excellent choice. Allen is a knowledgeable, ethical, and dedicated professional who will make your investment a top priority.

Find the Best Apartment Buildings for Sale in Lawndale CA

When first considering investing in an apartment building, it can be difficult to identify the right opportunities. Fortunately, Allen can help assess your financials and connect you with quality lenders, as well as direct you to the listings that will be the best fit for your investing goals. This may include:

  • Small Apartment Buildings for Sale in Lawndale CA: If you are new to income property, you may want to start small with a 2 to 6 unit apartment building. You may still qualify for a limited liability loan on some of these properties.
  • Medium Size Apartment Buildings for Sale in Lawndale CA: With a medium size apartment building of 6 to 10 doors, you can often increase your rental revenue significantly, without necessarily increasing your property maintenance expenses to the same degree. This is often the case when you buy 10 studio apartments as opposed to 4 two bedroom apartments.

3 Ways Allen Can Help You Save Money

Before you put in an offer on any small apartment buildings for sale in Lawndale CA or medium size apartment buildings in for sale Lawndale CA, don’t you want to be sure you’re going to get the best deal? Here are three ways working with Allen can help give you confidence on this point:

  • Excellent Market Analysis: The list price of apartment buildings for sale in Lawndale CA isn’t just based on local property values alone, though this is an important consideration. You also need to consider what apartments rent for in the specific area or neighborhood, so you can project your rental income. Allen will provide his honest opinion based on his research and his years of experience, but ultimately he will respect your wishes in making whatever offer you find appropriate.
  • Master Negotiator Skills: Allen is a skilled veteran of the back-and-forth negotiations that attend your typical real estate deal. In fact, he is a designated Master Certified Negotiation Expert. Allen takes great pride in getting his clients the best deal possible.
  • Flexible Fees & Commissions: Independent broker owners like Allen don’t have to split their commissions like franchisees do. This means that Allen has more wiggle room when negotiating his fees and there is definitely room for him to save you thousands of dollars on the right deal.

Become a Client for Life at Allden Investments

If you’re buying one apartment building now, chances are you will want to buy more in the future or sell this one at a later date. In any case, you will find it very valuable to start a relationship with Allen now. He considers every client a client for life. You can trust him to be available and willing to assist you with any issue that comes up weeks, months, or years after this current closing. You can reach Allen at 310-791-6316 or online to learn more about apartment buildings for sale in Lawndale CA.