Lawndale CA

Lawndale CA’s nickname is “Heart of the South Bay.” This motto seems apropos given that for many years Lawndale CA has offered an affordable alternative to individuals pushed out of the beach cities by rising housing costs. Lawndale CA was in fact designed specifically as a bedroom community for LA in the years after WWII. Today the city continues to offer a strong rental housing market with 64 percent of the population being renters. If you are looking to buy or sell investment property in Lawndale CA, Allen Scarpetti of Allden Investments can help. Allen is an experienced Realtor® with the detailed local market knowledge required to help sellers market their homes effectively and to help buyers find the best properties for their specific needs. Allen handles everything from single family rental homes to apartment buildings to commercial investment properties. You can trust him to have you smiling and closing escrow in no time.