Apartment Buildings for Sale in Inglewood CA

Find the best apartment buildings for sale in Inglewood CA with expert guidance from Allden Investments.

Are you looking for apartment buildings for sale in Inglewood CA? You can’t trust such a big investment to just any real estate agent. Instead, you need to find a trusted professional such as Allen Scarpetti who has taken the time and effort to become a Realtor®. Allen is experienced, savvy, ethical, and totally dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with his services.

Find the Best Apartment Buildings for Sale in Inglewood CA

Many apartment buildings sell by word of mouth with no advertising. If you just look at the MLS, you could miss these properties. Allen actively calls apartment owners with off market properties to give his approved buyers a head start on getting a building under contract.

No matter what type of properties you are interested in, Allen has the skills, experience, and contacts to help you find the best candidates for your purchase. For example, he can help with:

  • Small Apartment Buildings for Sale in Inglewood CA: There are many options for small apartment buildings, from converted condo developments to duplexes, triplexes, and quadruplexes. These buildings are small enough for investors to consider managing without a dedicated property manager.
  • Medium Size Apartment Buildings for Sale in Inglewood CA: Obviously, the more doors you have, the more rental income you’ll generate. This is a persuasive argument for apartment buildings with 6 to 10 units or more.

3 Ways Allen Can Help You Save Money

Whether you are shopping for small apartment buildings for sale in Inglewood CA or medium size apartment buildings for sale in Inglewood CA, choosing Allen as your broker can deliver significant financial advantages. He offers:

  • Excellent Market Analysis: Never risk unwittingly overpaying for a building with Allen on your side. After nearly 40 years of experience in southern California income properties, Allen is well-equipped to help you accurately assess the value of apartment buildings for sale in Inglewood CA, both in terms of their real estate value and their rental value.
  • Master Negotiator Skills: For many people, the most stressful part of buying a property is the whole offer and counter offer process. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about getting taken advantage of by the seller with a skilled negotiator like Allen on your side. Allen takes great pride in getting his clients the best deal possible.
  • Flexible Fees & Commissions: In most industries, small “boutique” providers have higher prices than the chains. This is not the case in real estate. Working with an independent broker owner like Allen can actually save you thousands of dollars on fees and commissions, because Allen has more wiggle room in negotiations. He is willing to sacrifice to help you make a deal.

Become a Client for Life at Allden Investments

Chances are, this purchase will not be the end of your real estate needs. Allen believes in cultivating client for life relationships with his buyers and sellers, so you can rest assured he will be there when you need him in the future. To start the process of buying apartment buildings for sale in Inglewood CA, please dial 310-791-6316 or use our online contact form.