Multi-Family Real Estate Investments in Hawthorne CA

Trust Allden Investments for top-quality assistance with multi-family real estate investments in Hawthorne CA

Whether you are a first time investor or you already hold a significant portfolio of properties, multi-family real estate investments in Hawthorne CA have the potential to provide excellent ROI. At Allden Investments, we have the experience and knowledge required to help you get the best possible deal on any type of multi-family property, such as:

  • Front house/back house properties
  • Homes with garage apartments
  • Duplexes
  • Triplexes
  • Quadruplexes
  • Apartment buildings

Owner and founder Allen Scarpetti will personally assist you with all the steps required to find and secure your property. This includes assessing your financials, making offers and counteroffers on multi-family real estate investments in Hawthorne CA, and of course seeing the deal all the way through closing and beyond.

Why Invest in Multi-Family Real Estate?

If you want to invest in property, you of course have many different options. The first one many people choose is simply buying another single-family home to turn into a rental. However, in most cases you will be better served by choosing multi-family real estate investments in Hawthorne CA. Here’s why:

  • You get more value for your money
  • Whereas a single family rental can take years to break even, multi-family rentals become profitable quickly
  • You can save on taxes and insurance when all the units are part of one single building
  • Multiple tenants means multiple income streams, making it easier to absorb lost revenue from vacancies or tenant defaults
  • It’s easier to manage multiple units when they are all on one property, rather than spread out across the city
  • Multi-family properties tend to be built where there is already strong, ongoing demand for rental housing

Residential Home Buyers Can Shop for Multi-Family Properties Too

You don’t have to be some kind of property mogul to qualify to purchase multi-family real estate investments in Hawthorne CA. Multi-family real estate can also be a good choice for families, singles, or empty-nesters who want to purchase a home. Living in one unit and renting out the rest can be very advantageous. You can use the rent to cover your mortgage payments or to increase the size of the mortgage you can qualify for. While a single-family home just gives you equity, a multi-family home gives you equity and revenue.

Investors Love Working with Allen–You Will Too

Whether you are an experienced investor or you are considering multi-family real estate investments in Hawthorne CA for the very first time, you can rest assured Allen will be responsive and effective in meeting your needs. Allen offers exceptional communication skills along with a sincere dedication to being available when and where you need him. He puts your satisfaction above his own bottom line, and he is willing to be negotiable on his fees and commission if this is what is needed to help make a successful closing.

Feel free to start browsing our online listings for multi-family real estate investments in Hawthorne CA yourself right now, or else contact Allen at 310-791-6316 for personalized assistance finding the best opportunities for you.