Allen is a California licensed Real Estate Broker and owner of Allden Investments, an independent real estate company located in Redondo Beach, California. His career in the real estate industry spans nearly four decades with diversification in various subsets of the industry. These include, real estate education, real estate development, property management, mortgage banking, co-owner – real estate brokerage, and real estate investor. Throughout his career he has been a top producer in listing, selling, and/or financing all types of residential properties and apartment buildings throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

Why Allen

As an Independent Broker Owner, Allen is a Realtor®, as he is a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the California Association of Realtors (CAR). As a Realtor®, Allen subscribes to a strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, unlike a large percentage of commercial real estate agents, due to not being members of the CAR and NAR.

Allen will not hand you a glossy business card with an elaborate logo attached to a brochure emphasizing the size of his sales production. However, he will sincerely “under-promise” and “over-deliver” service to his customers and clients, and at the end of your transaction Allen believes you will have been completely satisfied with how you were treated and you will have saved money too.

Allen also feels that customer and clients want their basic problem solved: find me a good apartment building at a good price or sell my apartment building with the least amount of cost. To accomplish this, Allen offers exceptional communication skills, good solid negotiating ability, thorough market knowledge and multifaceted marketing. Additionally, Allen actively calls on apartment owners for off market properties so that his approved buyers can be the first to getting it under contract.


Some of the benefits for being an independent Realtor® are less bureaucracy and politics. It allows Allden Investments to build its own culture and go with the flow as opposed to mandates and strict adherence to policy that never adjusts with circumstances.

It might be surprising to learn that independent real estate brokers, despite their “boutique” or “island” image, often offer cost savings over the big-name franchise brands. Because independent firms do not have to split their commission with a franchise, they have more wiggle room to negotiate and be flexible with commissions and fees.

Additionally, there is no difference in the satisfaction level from sellers working with independent brokers vs. the major franchises. Statistics show that big name franchise agents do not sell more properties than independent or non-franchised ones. The track record of the individual agent or broker you work with matters far more than the company name on the office door when it comes to getting results. Working with the right discount independent real estate broker can mean saving thousands of dollars on commissions and fees without compromising the service standard you need to successfully sell your property or acquire another.

Client for Life

Allen believes it is a privilege to represent his clients and he is committed to providing his services with the highest degree of professionalism possible. Allen also subscribes to the mindset that the end of a transaction is the beginning of the “Client for Life” service standard. His availability and willingness to assist his clients on matters that may arise weeks, months or years after a successful closing will never be pushed aside, but embraced with a desire to help.


Born and raised in Gardena, California, Allen currently resides in the Hollywood Riviera with his wife Denise. They have two sons, Justin and Jake. Justin is a graduate from The L.A. Art Institute and currently a successful freelance web designer. Jake is a graduate from Sonoma State University and currently a Medical Device Sales Associate with a national medical device manufacture.


While on a family vacation in Maui, 2004, Allen was in a terrible accident while playing in the ocean with his son, Justin. Moments after Allen attempted to dive under the crashing waves, he was pulled to shore by his thirteen year old son Justin, after he saw his dad laying face down in the water nearby. Allen would learn several days later he incurred a spinal cord injury at the C5 vertebrae. Needless to say, life changed forever from that very moment. It would take years of rehabilitation for Allen to gain the functional life he has today. He credits his recovery to God first, his lovely wife Denise, sons Justin and Jake, mother Mary, his assistant Glen that has been with him since the first days and to many wonderful friends for all their prayers, love and support that has never wavered. Life continues to endure for Allen as he lives the life he has. Allen’s belief is, “There are blessings found in the hardships!”


Allen is the recipient of numerous awards which defines his honesty, integrity, and professionalism. Before completing his five year tenure with Re/Max early in his career, Allen ranked among the top ten Re/Max agents in California at 5th and 6th over two consecutive years. The dedication to hard work and discipline to do the things that others in real estate didn’t is the trait that still embodies him today. Allen has also earned the distinguished  ePRO certification which teaches advanced technologies and social media strategies. This enables him to go the extra mile to provide the most comprehensive, up-to-date and sophisticated service to his clients. Allen also earned the MCNE designation (Master Certified Negotiation Expert) so that he understands and is capable of utilizing skills at the highest professional level in the business.